Fight the evil Dr. Eyequeue who has taken control of the world with his eyes.

Eyestorm is for anyone who loves a bit of action spiced with puzzles and timing.

Time is short, and you must trap Dr. Eyequeue's all-seeing eyes by building walls. But be careful! There are other things out there to get you...

The game is a unique mix of elements, some of which are known from Styx, Xonix, Jezzball, Arkanoid.


The objective of the game is to fill a certain percentage of the screen with blocks without getting hit by the moving eyes. The gameplay mimics that of classics such as Styx and Xonix. Once you have filled the required amount, you will move on to the next level of the game.

To build blocks place a finger on the screen; A cross-hair will appear. Move the finger on the screen. Once you lift your finger you will starting building blocks either horizontally or vertically depending on the direction that you moved the finger. Check the cross-hair to see which direction you will build in. If you close a region without an enemy, it is filled with blocks. If you get hit by an enemy while you build you will loose a life. If you loose all you lives it is game over.


Eyestorm contains many enemies. Apart from the traditional eye that moves in a linear fashion there are also eyes that move less predictably. Blue eyes will move in a drunk sort of way. Yellow eyes will slowly eat away blocks so pay attention. Pink eyes will move in a curvy fashion. Black eyes will blow up on impact and erase several nearby blocks. Red eyes will move back and forth in a jumpy fashion. All eyes bounce when they reach a block.

In addition to various types of eyes there are also tanks. Tanks shoot out new eyes which you have to avoid. Eyestorm includes four types of tanks.

The most impressive enemy is the UFO. UFOs come in two forms; Green and red. Both shoot out laser beams that explode on impact and erase blocks near the explosion. The laser beams will shoot towards the point on the screen that you last touched and will only shoot after you have touched the screen. Both types of UFOs must be tackled with care and strategy.

There are several enemies not listed here. Learn thy enemy to defeat it.


Generally, try to separate eyes by building a line of blocks that results in two rooms. Once separated it is easier to defeat the remaining eyes of each room. Continue this way until you have isolated sufficient eyes to close large areas.

Work on timing skills. To improve your timing, put you finger on the screen move it away from the target while keeping it on the screen. The cross-hair will remain at the point where your finger first touched the screen and where you will start building blocks. This way you can see what happens near the region where you will build. Once you feel ready to build release the screen.

Note that most levels are solved easily using a simple trick. Of course, the challenge is to find the trick and execute it correctly. If you are stuck with a level there is a good chance you are not using the correct trick, so try something different. Later levels will require immense timing skills and possibly many retries to understand the logic of the level.


Eyestorm contains two major types of power-ups; Speed and time. Time power-ups will give you more time to finish the levels. Speed will increase your building speed, so that you can tackle fast-moving enemies. To pick up a power-up, close the region containing it. The power-up will work immediately after being picked up.


There are a few secrets in Eyestorm. Keep your eyes open for the secret bonus level.


Eyestorm contains both a local and global highscore system. Local highscores are your own scores so that you can keep track of improvements. Global highscores are for the entire world, so you can see how your timing skills stack up against the rest of the world. In the game you simply press 'Sync' on the highscore screen and your scores will be uploaded to our server and a list of current highscores will be downloaded to your phone. Good luck becoming number 1!