Shared iPad
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  • More than 100 strip templates with up-to 9 photo cells
  • Change ballon size, tail position, tail type, head type, rotation, color, and transparency
  • Warped text with texture effects
  • Insert Facebook photos
  • Add Dropbox photos and store/restore comics on your Dropbox account
  • Add up-to 12 photo cells
  • Reposition, add or remove photo cells
  • Multiple pages
  • iCloud synchronization for individual comics
  • Control scale, position and rotation of photos
  • More than 12 different balloon types
  • Add, resize and rotate stickers for additional impact
  • More than 150 different stickers
  • Direct Facebook, Flickr and Twitpic sharing support
  • Export to PDF to create real comic book pages
  • Built-in drawing and masking tools for photos and stickers
  • Use any iPhone or iPad font
  • Install additional fonts from the web or your Dropbox account
  • Image filters for photos
  • Freely pan and zoom while you work
  • Insert maps
  • Many frame types for photo-cells
  • Grunge effects for entire pages
  • Balloons can contain images
  • Connect and merge balloons
  • Balloons can have multiple tails
  • Universal iPad/iPhone app with retina support!