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At Vivid Apps, the privacy of our users is of extreme importance to us. This privacy policy document outlines the types of personal information that is received, collected, and transmitted by the Vivid Collage iOS application and how it is used.

In general, all data is stored locally on your device and no personal data is transmitted from the Vivid Designer application without your explicit consent, but it can still be difficult to determine which data the application collects and transmits when you do give your consent. In the following we intend to outline the types of personal data the application may collect and transmit, but please contact us if you feel something is unclear or that there is a matter that we do not describe in accurate detail.


Vivid Designer enables you to create collages with your own personal photos. You can select photos from your Photo Album on the device or directly from your account on social network sites such as Vivid Collage stores those photos and collages in your device's long-term memory, and they can be permanently removed via the "My Gallery" interface, by deleting the Vivid Collage application, or otherwise.

Your photos and collages are not transmitted by Vivid Collage from the device to Vivid Apps' or a third party's online server without your explicit consent. Photos and collages may be transmitted from the device when you choose to email or share them on social network sites such as or They may also be transmitted to other devices via iCloud or iTunes synchronization, if you have explicitly set up synchronization between these devices.

When emailing collages, Vivid Collage uses the iOS email services, and only sends the email to the recipients that you explicitly list on the email screen on your device. Email addresses are not, and cannot be, collected by Vivid Collage. Collage and photo data is not uploaded to or stored on Vivid App's or any third party's server except from the involved email servers. Transmitted email data contains the collage and photo data. Consult the privacy policy of your's and your recipient's email services to determine how your email data may be used by those services.

When sharing collage via social network sites, Vivid Collage will only upload the collage to your account on the specified social network site. Please consult the privacy settings within the application and on the social network site to ensure that your collages are only shared with those you intend when uploaded and shared via the specific site.

Login Information

To provide you with easy access to your online photos as well as easy distribution of your collages, the application may require you to login to social network sites. When accessing third party social networks your login information such as username and password are required to access data from your account on these sites. The login information is not send to any party other than the social network site that you are accessing. The login information is also only used briefly during the login process, and not stored in long-term memory on the device.

Online Photo Albums

When accessing photo albums on social network sites such as, a list of your photos is downloaded to the device's short term memory. The list contains a thumbnail of the photo and any data associated with the photo. The photos and associated data are not stored in the device's long term memory and not transmitted from the device.

Location Data

Vivid Collage enables you to insert maps in place of photos. To access local map data your current location (GPS coordinates) can be used by the app, but only if you explicitly give permission. Your location data is not collected by Vivid Apps and forward only to a map service to download map images.

Crash Report Collection

The Vivid Collage application may exit abnormally in case of program error. In this case, a crash report will be generated that contains information about the location of the error in the program. Reports can be helpful to locate common program errors and improve the stability of the application. Should the user agree to send reports either by explicitly stating so, or by having enabled crash reporting in the device settings, these reports will be transmitted to online report-collecting servers and accessed by Vivid Apps. Reports do not contain any personal information.

Usage Tracking

Except from aforementioned crash reports, Vivid Collage does not explicitly collect and transmit usage data.

However, when you explicitly login and access your account on social networks from within Vivid Collage, or when you insert map images, Vivid Collage communicates with those third party network services. The communication may enable the third party to track that you are using Vivid Collage with the service, which parts of the service you access via Vivid Collage, as well as other usage. Please consult the privacy policy of the specific service to learn more.


Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time as the application is updated and new features are added. Please return to this page regularly for changes.